Welcome to the Royal Enfield Club of the Netherlands

One of the goals of the club is "to form a circle of friends of riders of motorcycles of British origine in the Netherlands and abroad". Therefor we are not a so called owners club. It is not required to own an Enfield only to like it.

This is the website of the Royal Enfield Club of the Netherlands, for members and other enthusiasts. The roughly 300+ members are united by a kernel of volunteers, with each a specific task. From manning the club stand at fairs to editing and production of the Bulletin, managing the archives, the board, the website, organisation of rallies and runs, representation at the Eenhoorn, etc, etc... Nothing goes by itself, and all these people do this out of love for the club as a hobby. Sometimes painstaking work, but ... we're of the street, figuratively speaking that is.

Met de hand geschilderd.

Who are we?

We are fans of classic motorcycles and motorcycles with a classic look, especially Enfields. We provide a connection between these enthusiasts of Royal Enfield motorcycles. We do this, among other things, by publishing a club magazine, organizing club afternoons, meetings and tours, through a website especially for members with an extensive archive, a club agenda, reports from the media and from the board. A forum is also available, where members can connect with other members and discuss a wide variety of technical and other challenges, but also where you can share photos and video of your trips with your Enfield or events you attend. The Facebook Group platform is used for this forum.

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The Motorcycle that Stands the Test of Time

Royal Enfield is a brand of motorcycle that enjoys a cult following around the world. Its iconic design and legendary performance have earned it a reputation as a true all-rounder, capable of handling any terrain with ease. But where did this legendary motorcycle come from, and what makes it so special?

The story of Royal Enfield begins in 1893 when the company was founded by George Townsend and Robert Walker Smith. Originally, the company was called the Enfield Manufacturing Company, and they specialized in the production of bicycles. It wasn't until 1901 that they decided to enter the world of motorcycling and began producing their first prototype.

Over the next few years, Royal Enfield produced a number of different motorcycles, each with their own unique features. During the First World War, Royal Enfield produced motorcycles for the British army, but also for the Imperial Russian army. These motorcycles were used in various fronts, including the battlefields of France and Belgium. After the war, the company started producing civilian motorcycles again.

However, it was the introduction of the Royal Enfield Bullet in 1932 that really took off for the brand. The Bullet was an instant hit with riders, thanks to its rugged design and impressive performance.

During the Second World War, Royal Enfield shifted its focus to producing military motorcycles for the British Army and various precision components from aggregates to missile target systems. The motorcycles were used in numerous campaigns and became legendary for their robustness and reliability.

In the post-war years, Royal Enfield continued to innovate and expand its range of motorcycles. They produced everything from lightweight commuter bikes to high-performance racing machines. In the 1950s, Royal Enfield was a world-renowned motorcycle manufacturer.

Despite its success, Royal Enfield faced numerous challenges over the years. In the 1960s, the company struggled to keep pace with the rapidly changing motorcycle market. This led to a decline in sales, and in 1970, Royal Enfield ceased production in England.

However, the Royal Enfield story was far from over. By 1955, the company had opened a joined venture factory in India, and this became the company's main production centre. Over the years, Royal Enfield has continued to produce large numbers of motorcycles in India, and the brand has regained popularity around the world.

Today, Royal Enfield is known for its classic design and rugged performance. Its bikes are beloved by riders around the world, and the brand has become a symbol of adventure and freedom. Whether you're cruising down a winding road or exploring rugged terrain, a Royal Enfield motorcycle is always up for the challenge.

In conclusion, the story of Royal Enfield is one of perseverance and innovation. Despite facing numerous challenges over the years, the brand has continued to thrive, thanks to its dedication to producing high-quality motorcycles that stand the test of time. Today, Royal Enfield remains an iconic brand that represents the spirit of adventure and exploration, and its motorcycles continue to capture the imaginations of riders everywhere.


  • Forum replaced by Facebook Group
    Het forum is vervangen door een Facebook Groep, maar alleen voor leden van de RECN. Dit alles vanwege de hoge beheersdruk van het oude forum. Bedankt voor jullie deelname.
  • Club shop closed
    Due to tax reasons, the club shop has unfortunately been closed. More information at the board. Thanks for the patronage.
  • Calendar and messages
    Messages from the board and also the club agenda can be found exclusively for members via the Members Only section of this website. The access for this can be found in the last club magazine. No member? Come and have a look at one of the club meetings ...
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