Membership Year
The membership is per calender year (January 1 - December 31)
When entering into membership after the 1st of July, only half of the membership fee is due (+ the administrative costs).

Payment rules

In the first Bulletin of the year you'll receive the membership fee payment rules.

The payment should be received by us within 6 weeks.
Very demented non-payers will get one remember notice.
That should be payed within 4 weeks.

If you're not complying to the payment obligations you shall not receive any more Bulletins and membership is cancelled immediately with all the rights that go with it, like access to the Archives and the Members Only part of this website.

Of course registering as a new member is always possible....

Our club can't live on exhaust fumes alone....

Membership fee
Membership fee is €16 per year

Members from abroad pay due to higher postal costs €21 per year

For €1 extra it is possible to get a family membership,
the contribution is then resp. €17 and €22 per year.
One time administration costs are €3.50

Every year the first Bulletin calls for paying the memebership fee. It is only possible to pay by direct bank transfer. Details are in the Members Only section.

Membership termination

Termination has to be in writing before the 1st of October with the membershipadministration. You can use email or post a letter. See for contact information at: contact.


Register as a member

By completing and submitting the form in full you sign up as a member of the Royal Enfield Club Netherlands.
Fields with an * are mandatory

As soon as possible (membership administrator is also a vollunteer!) you will be contacted.

1959 Crusader Airflow brochure Breeman Rotterdam

Je ontvangt binnen enkele ogenblikken een email als bevestiging van verzending. Krijg je deze niet, dan is er wat misgegaan.
Probeer het dan later nog eens.