If you are not a member yet, and you have questions, you can contact us via the contact form. You will receive a response as soon as possible. This may take a while, because the secretary is also a volunteer.
Members can view the "Members Only" section of this website. It tells you how to get in touch directly with the desired employee.

Not for members

    This form is for contact by non-members. Members can contact club officials directly via email. See Members Only website or Bulletin.

    In a moment, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation of this submission. It may take a quarter of an hour.
    If you don't receive it, there was something wrong. Try again later. Also check your SPAM box.

    If you think you have not received a response to your contact request, please check the Spam box (junk emails) of your email program before contacting us again.
    A response may take a week or so. This form first goes to the secretary, who then forwards it to the employee in question. We are all volunteers.

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