Privacy Policy

Who we are

Descriptions used:

  • website: the website including the forum and other online components, such as webshop, agenda and only for members section
  • forum: part of the website where users can post messages
  • user, visitor, you; everyone who uses the website
  • member, members: users of the website who are members of the Royal Enfield Club Netherlands
  • club, we: Royal Enfield Club Netherlands

What personal information we collect and why.

We only collect data to enable our services or contact the user of the website, when requested, eg via a contact form or a order form. The user of this website provides the data voluntary and the data are used with permission.

The requested privacy sensitive data are: name and address details and IP address (the IP address is the number you are recognizable on internet; any PC, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the Internet, has such a number).

Messages and other comments

When visitors leave a message on the website we collect the written data and also the IP address of the visitor, as well which browser is used to help detect spam and global generate statistics from the website.

After approval and / or placement of the message, the text, the username and possibly the forum photo of the visitor will be visible everyone on the website. Depending on the part of the website, public or only members, means 'the whole world' resp. 'all members of the club '.


When visitors publish images or files via the website the embedded data in those files (eg location) can be viewed by everyone, since other visitors of the website may view and / or download this data.

Contact and Order forms

Data obtained through contact and / or order forms are used exclusively for the requested contact or to deliver the ordered club items.

No personal details other than the email address are requested via the contact form. These details will be deleted after termination of the contact.

After delivery of the order, the data is kept for another year for the accounting and financial reporting.


Of course, we love cookies, especially 'Stroopwafels'. Here, however, the so-called cookies are placed on users' PCs in order to record information on the functioning of our website, for example.

When visitors log on to the website, we always place one temporary cookie to determine whether the browser of the visitor cookies accepts. This cookie does not contain any personal information and is automatically removed when you close the browser.
At the end of the login process, the user can choose to preserve his login details. These are stored in cookies on the PC of the user. These serve for your own convenience, so that data is not need to be re-entered each time. These cookies have one indefinite life. Royal Enfield Club Netherlands does nothing with that data.
When a user logs in we use various cookies with login information and screen choice. When the account will be cancelled these cookies will be removed.

When a visitor places a message, a cookie will be placed, without personal details, but simply with the message id of the message that has just been posted.

The visitor can delete all cookies at any time via their own browser.

Added content from other websites

Messages on the website may contain embedded data (eg videos, pictures, articles, etc.) from other websites, which will exactly behave as if the visitor is visiting that other website.

These other websites may collect data, place cookies, add third-party information and record your interaction with that embedded information if you have an account and at the same time are logged in on that other website.

Who do we share your information with and how long do we keep it.

When a message is placed, that data and associated metadata is saved indefinitely. This is done to post the next messages automatically instead of through a moderation queue.

We save personal information of visitors who register on our website and provide this information themselves. In addition to the user name, all data are optional and by the user. Webmasters can also see and modify this data .

What rights do you have regarding your own data?

When the visitor has an account for this website or a part of it, or has left messages, he can request to remove all personal data from the website. This is except for the data that we have to keep for our administration or for legal or security reasons.

Where are your data.

Messages can be sent to an automated spam control serviced. They are stored in the database of the website at our web hosting only accessible by authorised managers.
Contact information via a contact form or order form is also saved in the database. Exclusively until the contact or the order is broken or has been dealt with, unless the visitor creates an account himself.


The data is sent via an SSL secured website. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In short, it is the standard technology to keep an internet connection and (sensitive) data exchange between two systems safe, so as to prevent criminals or other malicious people to be able to read or modify this information.

The database in which data is stored is also protected against unauthorized use.