Riding an Enfield is accessible to everyone. The technique is easy to fathom, part prices are a fraction of those of conventional motorcycles. The contribution is low for the same reason: only € 16 per year after registration and for almost everyone affordable. The atmosphere is relaxed, and members occasionally organize a trip or tour. In the club there is plenty of knowledge available to keep everyone rolling, but let's not forget: the Enfield is a very reliable engine.


One of the goals of the club is "to form a circle of friends of riders of motorcycles of British origin in the Netherlands and abroad". We are not a so-called "Owners Club". The requirement for membership is to be sympathetic towards Enfields.

1999 Enfield Bullet 350

The chosen description "of British origin" has everything to do with current production in India. Just as all Philips products worldwide are of course of Dutch origin, all Enfields from India are of British origin. By default there are many other brands and "open minded" as Enfield riders are, it feels like a melting pot of many different metals ... but Enfield is always the main topic. Triumph, Norton, Ariel, BSA, Matchless, Panther, Vincent, but also Ural, Dnepr, BMW, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, Jawa, Kawa, Buell, etc., we had them all for a visit…. but we kindly ask: preferably on an Enfield if possible ...


The membership fee is €16 per year and members from abroad pay due to extra posting costs €21 per year.


1952 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Annual General Meeting

Every year in the spring the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held for which all members are invited via the club magazine and the website.

Members can have their say about anything important to the club. We are very democratic.

Privacy Statement

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Clubs Magazine Bulletin

Bulletin animatie

Four times a year their is an issue of the clubs magazine "Bulletin". What once began as a stencilled paper is now for years a successfull publication with announcements of events that you can't miss, stories about events you have missed, technical tips, tinkering reports, serious motorcycling stories, history of the golden decennia of motorcycling and more of that....

the Archives

When you are a member you have access to the Members Only section and the Archives. Login information is in each issue of the Bulletin you'll receive on the doormat when you are a member.


Every second Sunday of the uneven Month except May (then the 3rd Sunday) there is a gathering of Enfield-riders. Starting around half twelve members as well as non-members are welcome.

The address is:
Pub "de Posthoorn"
Achthoven Oost 28
3417 PD Montfoort
0348 474 450

Rally or Camping Weekend

We proberen jaarlijks een aantal treffens te organiseren, maar er moeten wel leden zijn die dat willen doen.

At the moment there are 3 camping weekends: in April a spring meeting in the Achterhoek, in August a summer meeting, somewhere in the country and in October an autumn meeting in the vicinity of Apeldoorn.


At the moment 2 runs are organised by members. In April the Dwars Door Brabant run and at the end of May the Veluwe Run.

2018 Interceptor 650
2018 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650